Friday, December 21, 2012

2 years without Cable

It's the 2 year anniversary of me and my husband ditching our cable and using the internet to do all our TV watching. The only time we really missed our cable was this past election, when we couldn't watch live coverage - so about 2 weeks ago we bought an antenna at radioshack with a $10 off coupon:

For $15, I can't really complain, but where we live we only get about 6 channels. We also live on a first floor apartment, so I suppose that could be causing some problems. The good news is we get at least 1 local news channel, my favorite one to be exact, so I'm happy enough. There is a website where you can see where your closest towers are to point your antenna in that direction!

Regardless, we've barely watched real TV, there is just too much to be watched on netflix, hulu (which I'm again a subscriber), and I subscribe to new shows on amazon that I want to watch and can't get access to any other way. Well, some things are free on the provider's website, but I don't like to watch on my laptop, I'd much rather sit in front of my 42" plasma! 

I now watch videos via a blu-ray player thru my living room TV and for the bedroom I bought a Vizio with built-in apps and wireless access.  It has been working flawlessly, and we have no reason to ever purchase cable again!  I couldn't imagine paying that bill on top of everything else. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Updates on PTC and Paid Surveys

I have NOT been keeping up very well with my survey and PTC sites.  I would go in to my gmail inbox and breeze through all the paid email clicks and then pick and choose surveys.  Here is a rundown of the sites I've explained in previous posts:

@ 7 weeks - - $14.07 - $10.26 - 1137 points - $15.38 - $6.59 - $3.40 - 110 points - $1

@ 9 weeks (I haven't done any surveys in 2 weeks, just PTC emails) - - $15.17 - $11.22 - 1453 points - same...I haven't done any jobs at all since the 7th week - $7.42 - $5.10 - same...they don't offer paid emails, just surveys - paid emails, just surveys

The PTC emails take about 5 minutes a day - I don't do mine daily, I'll go back and do a week's worth at once - some things expire if you don't do them immediately.

Other websites I've been working on:
(this information is from the 7 week mark) – 31,030 points
However, I just entered 31,000 of those points to win an iPad 2, so now I only have 30 points.  You need 60,000 points to receive $20…I see the potential for an extra $20 a month out of this website, but that’s about it.  I’ve been here for 6 weeks, and rarely take the surveys, but it seems the few I had taken were putting me well on my way to the 60,000 I needed.  I’d much rather have an iPad 2 though…. – 0 points
I’ve spent all my points as soon as I’ve gotten them on the $100 daily cash prize and have not won.  Maybe my methods aren’t very good?  I suppose for now I’ll start accumulating points and spend them all at once on the daily $100 and see if that gets me a win.  Either way it’s not a very promising website when I’m doing all this work at the possibility of winning something. - $5.58
Kind of an annoying website with its bright flashy colors, hard to navigate layout, and abundance of advertisements.  I earned a $5 sign up bonus and $.58 cents for clicking on 40 email links. - $7.10
Pays out every $50.  I’ve earned the $5 sign up bonus and $2.10 for clicking links in emails.  Lovely.  I guess it’s better than….I’m going to stick with inboxpays and browse their website for offers to do that are free.

@ 9 weeks:
toluna - 30 points (haven't taken surveys)
npdor - haven't worked on surveys
snapdollars - $5.83...and I've clicked a lot of emails...I'm quitting this site.
inboxpays - $8.25

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Surely you've seen a Redbox somewhere...the grocery store, the gas station, walmart. You can reserve movies online to rent at a specific location, or even search which redbox has the particular movie you want. My favorite part is that you can return your movie to any redbox, not just the one you rented from. Some redbox's even have video game rentals, but none near me. I've read that they are $2 a day to rent. There are also blu-ray movies for rent at $1.50 per day. You have the movie back by 9 pm the next evening and you aren't charged more than one day, so it's a good set up and allows you to run other errands while picking up your movie all in one trip. I usually plan my redbox pick-ups for when I need to stop for gas or have a grocery trip planned.

But I wouldn't be blogging about redbox if I didn't have a way for you to SAVE your money....FREE redbox movies! Yes, I have promo codes, and guess what? They work once per, do you have a wallet full of credit cards like most consumers? Take that ATM card, and those 3 credit cards and get 4 free movies...or better yet, get 8 free movies! Yep, there are 2 well-known promo codes that allow you to get a free movie, once per credit card.

The re-usable, once per card promo codes are:

These were both used by me, on two separate credit cards, and they worked. I got 4 free movies!  Remember though, you get charged after the first night if you don't return them.  Redbox will put a $1.00 hold on your account, but it'll be erased when you return the movie.

There is also another coupon code I have heard of, but haven't had the chance to try it:
*Update - I used this code at Turkey Hill and it worked. Someone else tried to use it at a different place and it wouldn't work*

...but this isn't all. If you sign up for Redbox's text club you get a free promo code the first monday of EVERY month! Most people will tell you that you have to sign up online (which, I'm pretty sure that if you do sign up online and you're a new customer you get a free promo code emailed to you) and check some monday movie mobile box or something, BUT if you text "redbox" to 727272, you'll be automatically signed up to their text club. I know this works because a friend of mine doesn't have internet access and signed up this way and she gets her free code every month.

REMEMBER! You have to have the movie returned by 9pm the NEXT day so you don't get charged.

Now head over to Redbox's website and find what movies you want to rent!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Switched to Verizon Internet

Comcast was costing me $65 a month JUST for internet.  I decided to switch to Verizon since it is only $35 a month with taxes, fees, etc.  I switched, and haven't noticed any difference in my internet connection.  It works exactly the same for $30 less a month. 

When I called comcast to cancel my account, they didn't try to get me to stay, even when they asked me why I'm cancelling and I said I was switching to another provider.  I thought for sure they would try to convince me to continue being a subscriber, but I guess they don't care about losing a customer.

Now that I've been without television for about 4 months, I don't miss it at all.  I watch a lot of tv-on-dvd and it's nice because I don't have to wait a week for the next episode!  I haven't been able, or even interested, in watching current television programming.  Actually, I no longer feel pressure to watch shows or keep up with current episodes...When someone asks me if I watch something, I tell them how I've gotten rid of my cable, and I don't miss it. 

TV was a huge distraction.  Running a home business requires a lot of motivation and attention, now that there's no cable, I don't get sucked in to shows and slack off on my work.

When I do feel like just laying down and watching something, I have so many options just from netflix that it never occurs to me that I don't have cable.  Some people think I'm crazy - "What do you do?"  They ask me.  "Housework, my business (which I love, by the way, it's not so much a 'job' as it is a hobby that I make money off of), and games - online and offline, plus playing with my furkids.  "What about the news? How do you watch the news?" The internet. Believe it or not, I never, EVER, watched the news on television even when I had cable.  I read the news online, I watch news stories online.  I have 3 news websites that I view nearly every day.  I'm more in to the news since I've discovered my favorite news sites than I ever was watching the news on tv.

Maybe it's not for you...but I dare you: cancel your cable.  It's an experience that may change you - and even if you can only go a few weeks before you need it turned back on, so be it, but at least you can say you tried.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Make Money Online - Paid Surveys & Pay To Click (PTC) Sites

I’ve been doing Pay To Click (PTC) and Paid Survey websites for about 3 weeks now.  It feels like a lifetime because they are time consuming and boring and I’ve been doing about 50 different sites.  I’ve cut a few out of my life and have decided to keep going with certain ones.  I’ll list them all here.

Websites I’ve Quit
I’ve made no money.  They send me a million surveys.  I’ve taken SO many and was shocked when I saw my account balance was $0.  I guess I was never qualified for any of the surveys I tried to take, but I’ve seen their emails and gone on their site to attempt surveys so many times that I feel cheated to have a $0 account balance.  I closed my account.
Strictly a PTC site.  I could see potential in this if you had referrals, but not having any, I’ve made a whopping 16 cents by clicking on advertisements.  Advertisements typically get a few pennies, and I don’t feel like this site is worth my time. &
Big crumbs and Ebates are mainly to earn cashback on your online purchases.  I haven’t been doing much shopping at all lately and I usually forget to go through these sites when I do, so they are not worth my time.  I like MyPoints to earn points towards online purchases, but just this morning I made an online purchase and it didn’t even cross my mind to open the site and click thru before I checked out.  Oh well.

Websites I am still participating (in no particular order)
 In my next post I will discuss these websites I'm still part of, how much I've earned, and why I'm continuing with them.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The money is adding up!

Total earnings from MTurk so far (8 days & 23 "hits") = $13.98
I had my first payout from MTurk.  You have to have at least $10 to transfer the money in to a bank account and on the 28th I initiated a transfer of $12.82 (all of my earning up to that point).  Today I received the payment in my checking account.  I don't think that's bad at all for "liking" a few facebook pages and taking some surveys. 

MyPoints - 461 points
I haven't been doing anything but clicking the "confirm this email" link in my emails, and I've gotten over 100 more points since the last post.  I'm not too concerned with getting points because I'm looking to make money right now, not giftcards.  MyPoints will come in handy later on when it's closer to the holidays.

InboxDollars - $11.25 & Send Earnings - $8.92It seems I'm not getting qualified for surveys and I haven't had time to do much else besides click email links.  I'm still on my way though and I really like these 2 sites the best so far...

New Sites:

OnlyCashSurveys - $5
You only need to make $20 to get paid with this site.  I believe the $5 in my account is what I made to sign up.  It lists a bunch of surveys, but it doesn't look like I'm eligible for most of them.  Doesn't sound too promising, but I'm going to stick with them for now and see what happens.

Vindale Research - $2.15 & Panda Research - $5.27
These 2 sites are similar.  They have lots of surveys and offers but 99% of them require you to sign up for a trial or purchase something to be able to receive credit.  I will not be participating in anything that requires me to spend money...or even input a credit card.  I am not the type of person that wants to have to remember and fight to have a trial cancelled so I don't get charged.  The one good thing is that anyone I refer I get a commission.

Springboard America - $1
They pay out every $50 and at the rate I'm going, I'll never see a payout.  I've been sent surveys but it seems I haven't been qualified for any.

GlobalTestMarket - 75 Points
You need 1,000 points to get $50.  I'm not eligible for most of the surveys here either, but as long as you attempt to take the survey the enter your in to their sweepstakes.

More to follow in a future post...
These are just a few of the many sites I've signed up for.  These ones seem to be flooding my inbox the most.  I found a whole list of more paid survey sites I haven't even gone through yet.

Make sure you leave me some comments if you've tried any of these sites and your experience!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quick Online Earnings Update

After 3 days of working on pay-to-click (PTC) and paid surveys I wanted to update my earnings from the websites listed in the previous post.  I have since joined about 15 different pay-to websites where I'm being paid to take surveys, click ads, sign up for free samples, newsletters and websites, watch ads, and more.  I will list all of the websites I'm using in a future post.  For now I want to just give an update for the following websites.

Monday - 291 points
Today - 326

Monday - $1.81
Today - $5.31

Inbox Dollars
Monday - $6.18
Today - $10.64

Send Earnings
Monday - $6.06
Today - $8.66

Remember: All of this "money" has been earned without spending any money or signing up for free trials.